sharon [18. media studies. london] ft. harry styles & nick grimshaw, bbc radio 1, one direction, the occasional little mix, and a miscellaneous selection of musical groups and models.

July 6th   Turin, Italy
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topman: @nicholasgrimshaw came in to collect his #3Dprinted#model the other day. It’s safe to say he liked it.
"He gets more attention than anyone I have ever, ever witnessed! It’s so full-on. Having been on The X Factor as well, it’s like people - quite rightly - think, ‘I voted for you, so you pay me attention!’ People wouldn’t go up to, say, Rihanna the same way they go up to him."
Nick Grimshaw talking about Harry’s fame (x)  (via grimmygang)
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spencerfos: Shoreditch #sundaysession 🍻

Anonymous said: Why are you so completely and utterly cute, like please, stop. I can't take it anymore.

I don’t know who sent this or how long ago it was but you just made my day I love you

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